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    Well as i'm a bit worse the wear please make an exception if I can't be arsed to look the facts up such as the correct name for the nazi Thai PM and his mrs, you know the one who built Victory monument. Well him, Phibun was it, anyway him and his mrs La-iat thought the good people of the kingdom were being a bit corrupted by the fox trot and the cha cha cha so came up with ramwong. After touring the countryside they took elements of folk dances, probably considered a bit common and came up with the circular ramwong dance and melodies in 1944. Or rather the fine arts dept came up with 10 ramwong dances (ramwong marathan) at their, er, request. It was popular for just about as long as he was and as soon as he was out it went into a decline, about 1955. Early stars of ramwong were Benjamin and even Surapol Sombatchareun who started out with ramwong songs for the Gratai label, see avatar. They became great rivals, anyway never mind about that and the murder.

    You can still see ramwang concerts today but the good ones are rather rare. Od FourS is the most famous, worthy of Benjamin's title of the king of ramwong. Such concerts have another stage set up in front of the main one where the dancers sit lined up with numbers on them. You buy a book of tickets, 80 baht last one I went to which entitles you for a dance per ticket with the girl of your choice. Not a bad night out and all very proper of course, rarely get drunks or arse holes at such events, well there might be just the one Well worth a look if he comes your way. Just noticed a giant in the vid, never seen him at a concert, went to his sons bodlian concert a few years ago, no dancers though. Hope he comes back round our way soon. Anyway, if you ever wondered what ramwong is, probably not, there you are. Not to be confused with morlam, that would never do

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