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Thailand and Asia News The News Forum. Thai News, world News and current affairs. Find out what's happening in the world today. For local Thai News check out Bangkok News, Chiang Rai News, Pattaya News and Phuket News.
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I am in Jail
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gjbkk has a great interest in being a Thailand Expatgjbkk has a great interest in being a Thailand Expatgjbkk has a great interest in being a Thailand Expatgjbkk has a great interest in being a Thailand Expatgjbkk has a great interest in being a Thailand Expatgjbkk has a great interest in being a Thailand Expat
60,000 Bees cover Beekeeper

Bee Tamer Covers Himself weith 60,000 Bees

People can coexist with animals, even those that are considered dangerous wild animals, without fear of death or injury.

There are two parts to the trick of remaining unscathed while in the presence of animals; don’t make the animals nervous and know the animal.

Hou Dongming, 33, is a local beekeeper in Siping’s Pingxi County. His excursion into interaction with animals is the “bee-man shows” he puts on.

He learned the practice from his father Hou Wanfu, 60. First Dongming puts on a hat, black divers goggles, a pair of tightly sealed trousers, and then puts soft paper in his ears and nostrils.

His upper torso is naked and he wears a small cage tied around his neck in which is a queen bee.

Dongming sits still amid dozens of beehives while his father begins to drive bees to his son. The queen puts out pheromones that attract the males who swarm over Dongming’s body.

Within a half hour up to 60,000 bees coverd Dongming.

Although he sometimes gets stung, he manages to escape serious injury. People who are allergic to bee stings can die from just a few and even those that aren’t allergic can die from a few hundred.

Almost anything could startle a swarm of bees into a stinging frenzy. A twitch or a shiver, a flash of light, or a loud noise might make the males think the queen is in danger and start them stinging.

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