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    Yala Phone video clips show beheadings

    Phone video clips show beheadings
    Grisly evidence found during raid in Yala

    Yala _ Police discovered grisly video clips showing the beheading of a soldier and a civilian on mobile phones found during a recent raid in Bannang Sata district. The discovery followed a clash between rangers and insurgents on Sept 29. The phones contained several video clips of killings and of the decapitation of the ranger and a villager.

    One video shows a soldier being beheaded and his penis being severed in January 2006.

    Another, filmed in Yala's Muang district in May, shows a rubber tapper and his wife being killed. The man was then decapitated.

    A third video clip made in June shows the bullet-ridden bodies of seven soldiers.

    Other clips show boys and girls five or six years old carrying guns.

    A police source said it had been learned that insurgents use children aged 13-14 years old to carry explosive materials from one place to another because they do not arouse the suspicions of the security forces.

    Nimu Makajae, an Islamic specialist and former Yala Islamic committee vice chairman, said he could not imagine what the killers had in mind when they made the video clips, or how they had been led astray by others to commit such brutal crimes.

    He had seen cows or goats sacrificed as offerings, but had never seen such brutal killing of human beings.

    Mr Nimu said Islam required that any sacrifice must be in line with religious instruction and with the Koran. Such slayings of human beings were not allowed.

    ''In Islamic belief, when a person dies the body will be treated with respect and must receive religious rites within 24 hours, before the body starts decomposing.

    ''The body will be not harmed or disfigured because it is deemed to be Adam's offspring,'' Mr Nimu added.

    Narathiwat police said 10 existing suspects were believed involved in the nine bomb blasts in five districts in the province on Monday morning, which killed one soldier and wounded at least 13 villagers.

    Each district police station had sent plainclothes police to pursue the suspects, who were believed to be core leaders in charge of planting bombs.

    It would take a week or so to identify which insurgent group was behind the explosions, police said.

    Examination of the residue from the improvised explosive devices suggested they were of the same type and made in the same place.

    Two policemen, members of a teacher escort team, received minor wounds from a bomb explosion yesterday morning in Sungai Padi district, Narathiwat.

    The 5kg bomb was detonated by remote control as the six-member patrol went past on their way to take teachers to a local school.In Chanae district, three soldiers were seriously injured by a remote-controlled bomb late yesterday morning. Police said they were members of an eight-strong patrol travelling in a Humvee. The 10kg bomb was concealed in a motorcycle parked opposite a health centre.
    In Pattani's Khok Pho district, Muslim religious teacher Mustafa Japakiya, 35, was shot dead on Monday night.

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    so sorry if the family of the victims see this. Foul

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    I think every teenager in BKK has a video clip of beheadings, they think its funny.

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    In the sticks.
    ^ Stoning is even more popular, but it takes to much of the phones memory-card. Sick people who enjoy things like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterpan
    I think every teenager in BKK has a video clip of beheadings, they think its funny.
    Alot of the Arabs here on the rig all love to show the new guys the beheading videos and have a good laugh about it

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