BANGKOK (NNT) - There have recently been reports of a fake website imitating a famous brand asking users to complete a survey and fill out their personal information, while luring users with phone numbers to call and redeem prizes. The calls ended up reaching recipients in a foreign country, causing callers to be charged at international rates.

CAT Telecom has warned the general public regarding these websites. After further investigation, the company has found a fake website claiming to be owned by a cosmetic brand offering free products to users after completing a survey. At the end of the survey, users are prompted to make a call to a foreign phone number to claim their prize.

Some 1,000 users were reportedly tricked into believing the offer, and made a call to the foreign number. The website has been blocked since 7th October 2019, while CAT Telecom which operates the international call service has offered rate waivers for victims in this case.

The company has encouraged the general public to be more cautious with online offers and advertisements, as more fraudulent websites operating similar schemes may be still online.

National News Bureau Of Thailand