BANGKOK (NNT) - During the "Government Weekly" program on the Thai Khu Fah Facebook page, Prime Minister/Defense Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said he was concerned about low-income earners and was seeking additional measures to help them.

Gen Prayut said the government has studied data, both domestic and international, especially those from China which could show how over 10 million people were brought out of poverty. The Chinese government has been agreed to allow a working group of officials from Thailand to study measures used to improve the people’s quality of life, albeit that measures to be taken in Thailand might be different from those used in China.

Data on and indices of human development in the five most developed provinces and the five least developed provinces will be thoroughly studied. He said the government will find the most suitable measures, which will be a time-consuming process.

The prime minister was also concerned over the people consuming too much sweet and salty food, which might cause diseases such as diabetes and kidney problems. Measures will be taken so food manufacturers reduce the sugar content to within safety level.

Meanwhile, the prime minister said fragrant plants on Government House premises have been grown to make a beautiful landscape to welcome the country’s guests and it was not about Feng Shui.

National News Bureau Of Thailand