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    Compensation to be given to man savagely assaulted in Khon Kaen police detention cell

    Khon Kaen Justice Office head Thaweesak Sarasap on Tuesday confirmed that remedial measures would soon be given to a 27-year-old drug suspect who was seriously injured after being badly beaten up in Nong Rua police stationís detention cell by a 37-year-old mentally disturbed patricide suspect on January 5.

    Remedial measures would be provided as a matter of urgency, as police investigators had concluded in a report that Chaowalit Jampawai was the damaged party in the assault, Thaweesak said.

    If Chaowalit required up to 45 days in-hospital treatment, he would be entitled to a maximum of Bt40,000 in compensation, the justice official said, but if he ended up disabled as a result of the assault, the subcommittee would consider a higher compensation sum.

    Chaowalit was attacked while asleep in the detention cell by murder suspect Yutthana Pakdeesaen, who had been arrested after allegedly attacking his 62-year-old father Somyot Pakdeesaen, 59-year-old mother Sao Pakdeesaen and 40-year-old brother Decha Pakdeesaen on January 4 with a knife, resulting in the fatherís death and serious injuries to the other two relatives.

    According to CCTV footage shown by police on Monday, Yutthana stomped on and kicked Chaowalit nearly 20 times in the torso and head at around 4pm on Saturday, at a time when the police officer on guard reportedly had gone to the toilet and therefore had been unable to make a timely intervention in the attack.

    Chaowalit, who sustained a dented skull, bleeding to the brain and bruising on his torso, remained unconscious and was on a respiratory-aid device in an intensive care unit at Khon Kaen Hospital, as of press time today.

    Nong Rua police superintendent Pol Colonel Wirojrat Janpradap has already set up a fact-finding committee to establish what happened at the police station on Saturday afternoon, which should yield a result in seven days, while Yutthana faces an additional charge of assault resulting in serious injury, Thaweesak said.

    Meanwhile, the Khon Kaen Justice Office is also in the process of considering aid to the Pakdeesaen family members who were attacked by Yutthana in the original case, including Bt110,000 in financial assistance for Somyotís funeral, while the two wounded relativesí compensation for lack of income during this period will be determined later, he added

    Compensation to be given to man savagely assaulted in Khon Kaen police detention cell by murder suspect

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    The Poliice officer will be moved to an inactive toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh Cow View Post
    The Poliice officer will be moved to an inactive toilet.
    is this the new excuse,I WAS IN THE TOILETwasnt it last month a woman taken to an emergency hospital but there was NO doctor to be found,he was having a at the time.

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