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    Green Peace carries out plastic garbage collection on Chonburi beach

    CHONBURI, 11th October 2018 (NNT) Green Peace has carried out a collection of garbage on Wonnapa Beach in Chonburi province to promote awareness of companies overusing plastic.

    Green Peace Southeast Asia is carrying out an inspection of plastic waste, seeking to reveal brand-names that result in large quantities of plastic garbage. The group chose Wonnapa Beach of Chonburi as the site of a random collection of discarded packaging, picking up 2,781 pieces of plastic garbage which was then separated into 817 pieces bearing international brands, 1,606 pieces with domestic branding and 358 pieces of indecipherable origin. Up to 91 percent of the waste was food containers.

    Thailand Director for Green Peace Tara Buakumsri explained the intent of the work as not being to ban all types of plastic but to raise awareness of harmful plastic waste and seek a reduction in its excessive use.

    The collection on a Chonburi beach was one of 239 that took place in 42 countries around the globe, involving 10,000 volunteers and resulting in 187,851 pieces of garbage being retrieved worldwide. The group wants to push brands away from harmful single-use plastics, which endanger the ocean and other water resources.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand | Green Peace carries out plastic garbage collection on Chonburi beach

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    Rubbish........................................... .........

    While light useful and now omnipresent I recall a world with little plastic.
    If a way to recycle or seperate from nature it has its uses, alas like so many products we are not charged the total "footprint cost"
    While US may use more fuel aircon etc Thais must be world leaders in plastic wrapping, We got 2 hessian bags from the shopping Mall and folks are becoming aware, bit late for teh Ocean , big bag taxes will aid elimination need to be 10-20 baht to stop the average punter, Start at 5 and hike one baht per year to allow food vendors etc time to use alternates

    My Gran's house had a Bakelite Radio which lasted years
    As I kid didn't really think about it but her kitchen had ceramic bowls, copper pots and metal tools
    The lounge had standard moquette 3 piece suite , linen cutains, brass light switches, dado rail no plastic.

    Car leather seats walnut dash board and doors with a very reassuring solid clunk, little flip down ashtrays

    I look across my plastic laptop Mouse to a plastic lightswitch next to a plastic TV etc, luckily er indoors gives me a steely gaze, ther may even be some melting moments after beer O'Clock
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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