BUENG KAN, 12th July 2018 (NNT) Heavy rains through the night in Bueng Kan province have resulted in intermittent flooding with waters up to 80 centimeters in depth.

A monsoon front passing over Thailand's north, Lao PDR and Vietnam that collided with a long pressure front in the same area resulted in heavy rains across all eight districts of Bueng Kan last night, especially in its municipal area and in Wisit sub-district, where water has gathered in ditches and along roads. The intersection of Pon Took and Rak Sangop in front of the local forensic police office, was hit by a flood up to 50 centimeters deep, barring small vehicles from passing through.

At Bueng Kan Hospital and Bueng Kan School, staff residences are now contending with water between 50 and 80 centimeters deep. Residents were able to move their belongings to higher ground but one hospital vehicle was damagedby flood waters.

Peace and Order Maintaining Command soldiers in the province, volunteers and hospital staff are now using flat bottom boats and large vehicles to shuttle patients, staff and even family members between the hospital, school and other areas.