BANGKOK, 7th July 2018 (NNT) The Ministry of Commerce is now accepting applications from grocery stores wishing to operate under the Pracharat Blue Flag banner.

Explaining the criteria for stores to become Blue Flag shops, Wichai Phochanakij, deputy commerce permanent secretary, said potential stores must be reliable businesses, meaning they must always be in the same location where consumers can reach them as required. As for mobile carts, Wichai said they can fly a Blue Flag banner as long as they operate on a daily basis. Those denied the installation of electronic data capture (EDC) machines are disqualified.

The application can be downloaded on ?????????????? and mailed to the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce.

Qualified stores and carts will be notified via SMS text messaging.

So far, he said a total of 15,000 stores out of 100,000 targeted have submitted applications.

Members of the public, and social welfare card holders can expect to find a wide variety of discounted commodities at Blue Flag shops.