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    Buddhist group calls on NLA to stop amendment of Sangha Act

    BANGKOK, 5th July 2018 (NNT) - A network of Buddhism protection groups has urged the National Legislative Assembly to stop the process to amend the Sangha Act due to worries about possible conflicts among Buddhist monks.

    Ms. Benjarat Meethien, a lawyer advocating the protection of Buddhism, on Wednesday joined various Buddhist groups and organizations in submitting an official petition with the NLA, which asked for the cancellation of the planned amendment of the Sangha Act.

    The petition claimed that the proposed draft amendment included some content that seriously goes against monastic discipline and suggested that any change to the law must be initiated by the Sangha group only.

    The petitioners also stated that draft laws related to Buddhist monks should see the representation of Members of Parliament and elected Senators to prevent future problems and an impact on the public.

    They now plan to turn to the Constitutional Court to seek an interpretation of the draft law to see if it goes against some articles of the charter.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand | Buddhist group calls on NLA to stop amendment of Sangha Act

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    This could prove interesting.
    Same old story - Thai Buddhist power structures deeply engaged and influential within the political criminal element.

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