BANGKOK, 5 July 2018 (NNT) - Thailand's Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has assured that it will be able to maintain electricity prices for the public at current levels, despite rising fuel prices and a depreciating baht.

ERC Spokesperson, Veerapol Jirapraditkul, said the expected rise in costs of electricity-generating fuels, such as natural gas, to 17.54 baht per million BTUs, coupled with the current weakness of the baht, has led to the fuel tariff (Ft) rate from September to December to increase by 7.46 satang per unit.

However, due to an accumulation of cash reserves since the middle of this year, the ERC will be able to subsidize the Ft rate to -15.90 satang per unit, which will result in the average electricity costs remaining at around 3.59 baht per unit, excluding value added tax.

Power utilities are calculated based on the base factor, which is revised every five years, and the Ft rate, which is adjusted every four months.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | Energy Regulatory Commission assures electricity prices to will remain stable