KALASIN, 11th June 2018, (NNT) - The Kalasin Provincial Public Health Office has warned the local population of poisonous mushrooms as the current hot rainy weather conditions allow wild mushroom to grow in abundance in Pa Dong Ranaeng National Reserved Forest in Yang Talat district.

The provincial public health official chief has expressed his concern over the consumption of wild mushrooms, which are widely available in the area. He urged consumers to be on the lookout for poisonous mushrooms and to avoid consuming mushrooms that are brightly colored.

Seasonal wild mushrooms are currently in demand in the local Sok Hin Kao market in Huai Mek district of the province, with some varieties fetching nearly 500 baht a kilogram.

One of the vendors said she is able to make substantial income from the mushrooms growing in the reserved forest, as some of the mushroom species are only available at this time of the year.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | Kalasin Public Health Office warns locals of poisonous mushrooms