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    Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary shows villagers how to avoid an elephant attack

    BUENG KAN, 13th March 2018 (NNT) - Officials at Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary in Bueng Kan have educated residents on how to prevent attacks by elephants, following the recent death of a villager.

    Head of the Phu Wua conservation office, Thaweep Kampaengmuang and officials visited Ban Nong Bo in the Khok Kwang subdistrict of Bueng Kan where a wild elephant had killed a villager.

    Mr Thaweep said villagers must keep a distance from the elephant of around 10 meters and slowly walk backwards. Turning one's back to run away or making noises in an attempt to chase the elephant away would startle the elephant and more likely cause it to attack as a self-defense mechanism.

    Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary has around 50 wild elephants in an area of 100,000 Rai, which is considered a dense population for elephants. As a result, the elephants often venture outside the sanctuary in search of food. Locals were therefore advised to inform officials before entering the sanctuary and travel in groups of 4-5 people for additional safety.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand | Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary shows villagers how to avoid an elephant attack

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    Basic prevention and avoidance practices:
    Don't piss off the elephants.
    Leave them the fuck alone.

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