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    Authorities inspect resort encroaching on national reserve land

    LOEI, 13 February 2018 (NNT) – The chief of Phu Rua district of Thailand's Loei province led an inspection of Rang Yen Resort’s land ahead of an ownership check by the Royal Forest Department.

    Royal Forest Department Deputy Director-General, Attaphol Charoenchansa, said he and Director of the Forest Conservation and Forest Fire Control Office, Cheewaphap Cheewatham, are conducting a survey of the land occupied by Rang Yen Resort which, while discovered to be on national forest reserve land, has yet to be completely demarcated.

    The plot has, so far, been divided into two sections, one belonging to Italian Thai Co Ltd CEO Premchai Kannasutr and the other to CPK Company. The Land Department has already revoked deeds for 147 plots occupied by the resort, spanning several thousand hectares.

    The Phu Rua district chief, Kittikhun Butkhun, has already begun a probe into the resort and its land rights. He found Rang Yen Resort holds a land deed from 1996 that allows it to operate a hospitality business and that in 2013 it filed for a concession from the Land Department, only to withdraw the request after learning an inspection would have to take place. It eventually secured a deed for 108.6 hectares of land under the name TPK International Co Ltd in a different area.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand | Authorities inspect resort encroaching on national reserve land

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    I see that resort is not far from Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary a handy base for going there and 'studying nature'.

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