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    Cameras being installed to catch motorists changing lanes illegally

    Traffic police will start using cameras to capture motorists illegally changing lanes at 13 flyovers and one tunnel in Bangkok at the end of this month.

    Pol Col Kitti Ariyanon, deputy commander of the Traffic Police Division, said on Tuesday that his division is installing 15 cameras at 13 flyovers and one tunnel to catch motorists who illegally switch lanes.

    One camera will be installed at 12 bridges, two at one bridge and another at a tunnel.

    Motorists who switch lanes to cut in front of a line of vehicles are partly to blame for Bangkok's notorious congestion, he said.

    Kitti said the cameras are expected to be installed by November 30 and they will be connected to the traffic police head office. They will be in operation 24-hours and will clearly capture vehicles' licence plates.

    Signs will be put up to warn motorists of the use of the cameras.

    The cameras will be installed on the following areas:

    1. Bang Khen Bridge, on the side of the outbound Ngam Wong Wan road

    2. Flyover at the Government Complex, on the side of outbound Chaeng Wattana Road

    3. Huay Kwang tunnel, on the side of the inbound Ratchadapisek

    4. Flyover at the Borom Ratchonnee Intersection, on the outbound Borom Ratchonnee road

    5. Bridge over the Bang Khen roundabout, on the inbound Chaeng Wattana road

    6. Bridge over Ratchathewee intersection, on the outbound Phetchaburi road

    7. Bridge at the Din Daeng intersection, on the inbound Din Daeng road

    8. Bridge at Prachanukul intersection, on the outbound Ratchadapisek road

    9. Siriraj Bridge, on the outbound Aroon Amarin road

    10. Bridge at the Ratchda-Lard Prao intersection, on the outbound Lard Prao road

    11. Bridge at the Ratchada-Lard Prao Intersection, on the inbound Lard Prao road

    12. Bridge at Wongsawang intersection, on the outbound Ratchadapisek road

    13. Bridge at the Rama IV intersection, on the outbound Ratchadapisek road

    14. Memorial Bridge, on the inbound Prajadhipok road

    15. Bridge at Kamnan Maen Intersection, on outbound Kalapapruek road.

    Cameras being installed to catch motorists changing lanes illegally

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    Last but who gives a shit.
    Yep that should help control the high fatality rate on Thai roads.

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    Won't do that but will bring in some extra t-money.

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