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    Aceh sharia court orders caning of an Indonesian woman for the crime of Adultery

    Just months after two gay men were publicly caned in the Indonesian province of Aceh, a woman has received
    hospital treatment
    after receiving 100 lashes.

    The 30-year-old woman, Mazidah, who goes by one name, had received the caning after being found guilty of adultery by a sharia court.
    She had been charged with being in a private place in the presence of a man she was not married to.
    The 34-year-old male also received 100 lashes, but did not require hospitalisation.

    He who caned ... ^ A man leaves the stage after administering the public caning.

    Strict sharia law is in place across Aceh, but it is the first time a flogging has taken place in the city since 2006.

    Thousands of residents, including children, are reported to have watched on as the punishment was delivered to the offenders on a
    stage outside the city's grand mosque after Friday prayers last week.

    According to reports by the local press, and an account given to the ABC by a witness, at times the caning had to be stopped for
    each of the three offenders because they were screaming in agony.
    More of the story Here

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    Lucky woman. Some might say she got a lenient punishment.

    * But not me.

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    She should probably be grateful they didn't stone her to death.


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    Terrible practice...when will it end? On a side note, good that both the man & woman were caned (and not just the woman). The audience - lots of people (mostly men) with their phones & cameras out, recording the event for posterity.

    (That was supposed to be the rolleyes emoji - it looks different in this new format)

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