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    980kg ganja seized in Sakon Nakhon

    Police on Saturday (Aug 12) seized 980 bars of compressed marijuana, weighing about 980 kilogramme in total, in a search of a van which had been abandoned in a bush in Muang district of Sakon Nakhon province.

    Villagers of Ban Don Tum in Tambon Ngiu Don on Friday night informed Muang district police after they found a black Hyundai H1 van abandoned in a bush behind a fertiliser plant. The vanís doors were locked.

    Pol Col Kanapot Panomchai of Muang Sakon Nakhon police station said police got a tip-off that trafficking gang would enter Tha Rae district last night (Aug 11), so, checkpoints had been set up to inspect suspicious vehicles.

    Officers at a checkpoint stopped the black Hyundai van for a search, but the driver sped away until villagers informed the police that they found the car abandoned at the scene, he said.

    A team of police went to the scene on Saturday morning and forced open the van for a search.

    The police found in the van 980 bars of dried marijuana, weighing altogether about 980kg, contained in cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

    Police inspected documents found in the van and collected fingerprints evidence to trackdown the drug traffickers who are suspected of being a member of transnational drug gang.

    980kg ganja seized in Sakon Nakhon - Thai PBS English News

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    The Hmong people grow ganga and poppies as crops. It's part of their culture. Obviously they are very poor people and drug lords are exploiting them to grow crops for them too. All ganja in Thailand comes from Laos.

    The Hmong people live here next to the north east of Thailand. This is where all the ganga is smuggled in. Hundreds of miles of border area to cover for the border control, a lot of ganga gets in. From 100 baht for one onze to 5,000 baht for one onze. A lot of profit can be made. That's why people take the risk.

    Take a look at this video a backpacker made during his travels in Laos. Although interesting, him and his friends I thought were bloody lucky to leave that place in one piece. If the drug cartel saw you filming I'm sure you'd be in big trouble.

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