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    Thai tourist stabbed after quarrel over 'sex services'

    GEORGE TOWN: A male tourist from Thailand was stabbed multiple times by a man who was allegedly unhappy with the charges imposed by the victim for unnatural sex services.

    Northeast district police chief ACP Anuar Omar said the 28-year-old victim from Phuket, who is on holiday here, had befriended the suspect, known as Tommy, via WeChat about two hours before they met.

    "In the 11.30pm incident, Tommy was said to have gone to the victim's room for the 'service'. The victim agreed to render the 'service' only after receiving the payment," ACP Anuar said Friday.

    He said that during the deal, Tommy had taken a knife from his pocket and stabbed the Thai tourist, resulting in a scuffle between a two before the assailant left the room.

    The victim, who sustained injuries on his abdomen, back, hands, neck and face, was treated at Penang Hospital. He is reported to be in stable condition.

    Anuar said police have identified the suspect, in his 30s, via closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage obtained from the hotel. - Bernama

    Read more at Thai tourist stabbed after quarrel over 'sex services' - Nation | The Star Online

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    20-06-2018 @ 10:07 PM
    Thai ladyboy whore charges too much for a blow job which he earlier suggested would be free. The John stabs him and fucks off. Jalan Pinang is infested by these creeps most nights.

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    06-09-2017 @ 08:11 AM
    It's quite refreshing and joyful to read a story where the Thai has been stabbed and the Thai was not the one doing the stabbing which is usually the norm.

    There is a God after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thedogsbollix View Post
    It's quite refreshing and joyful to read a story where the Thai has been stabbed. There is a God after all.
    If that's true then your long term prospects don't look good.

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    Thai victim is a shirt lifter. Malay Tommy is a vigilante?

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    18-06-2018 @ 10:21 AM
    When I was there it all seemed so safe and chilled out. But as we can see it only takes one madman to ruin a service that many men use whilst visiting the island. I hope this doesn't deter other girls from providing a valued date and special time for ladyboy lovers.

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