NAKHON SAWAN, 10 January 2017 (NNT) - The Sugarcane Planters Association Zone 11 has requested that the government clarify regulations for its delivery trucks.

The Department of Land Transport held a meeting with representatives from the Sugarcane Planters Association Zone 11, Nakhon Sawan provincial authorities and officers from the 31st Military Circle. The meeting was called to address the incident where a group of sugarcane trucks intentionally blocked off a road in Takhli district, after being pulled over for exceeding weight restrictions.

The association president claimed that producers are only aware that a truck should not carry over a tonne of sugarcane each trip, but seem to be in the dark about other restrictions.

The 31st Military Circle later reported the meeting's resolutions to the Third Army, which decreed that sugarcane producers must now abide by the resolutions and the current weight regulations.