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    Ethnic Hmong arrested at Chiang Rai checkpoint with 1 million meth pills

    Ethnic Hmong arrested at Chiang Rai checkpoint with 1 million meth pills |

    Ethnic Hmong arrested at Chiang Rai checkpoint with 1 million meth pills

    By Digital Media | 16 มี.ค. 2556 11:59

    CHIANG RAI, March 16 -- An Ethnic Hmong was arrested at a checkpoint in Chiang Rai in possession of 1 million methamphetamine pills with a street value of Bt200 million.

    The drug suspect was identified as Jeah Saetao, 43, a resident of Chiang Mai's Phrao district.

    He was arrested at a police checkpoint on Fang intersection-Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai while driving a pick-up truck with Chiang Rai registered plate.

    He was driving from Fang-Mae Saui road and turning onto Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai Road before the police asked him to stop the vehicle for searching.

    Instead of stopping the pick-up truck, Mr Jeah turned his vehicle around and tried to flee the scene. The police followed his vehicle and finally arrested him.

    The police searched his pick-up truck and found 1 million meth pills packed in six rugsacks.

    Mr Jeah told police that he was hired for Bt300,000 to deliver the illicit drug from Mae Saui to Mae Rim district.

    Meanwhile, in the nearby province of Lampang, police arrested two ethnic Lisu people with 394,000 meth pills and five kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine, or ice, while they were delivering the illicit substance to drug agents in the central province of Ayutthaya.

    The two suspects were identified as Sitthidej Siwalee and Sitthikorn Saeli, who lived in Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai, respectively.

    Commissioner of Lampang provincial police Pol Maj Gen Pornchai Pakpongsri and Deputy Lampang governor Suwan Klaosunthorn jointly told a press conference that the two were arrested last night in Lampang's Sop Prap district.

    Police seized the illicit drugs from their pick-up truck. They told police that they were paid Bt300,000 to deliver the drug from Chiang Rai's Mae Sai district to Ayutthaya. (MCOT online news)
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    At 300000bt to deliver you would think that these mules would be more innovative. Come on there must be loads of TD members who could think of better ways to conceal and smuggle this contraband. For one it is obvious that the police have been tipped off,so why don't they transfer the cargo into another vehicle on route. Let the laden van go first,then a while later drive the marked van up to check point with a dry cargo.

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    Cool Its Called...

    the BIBs loot, seize there own cargo and score brownnie points as a bonus....
    Some lower class fall guy gets put away for it, but they come up smelling of roses...
    EVERYTIME....think about it.

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