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    Jokowi Launches Jakarta's First Pedestrian Bridge With Escalator (and it breaks down)

    Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo launched on Wednesday the first TransJakarta pedestrian bridge that has an escalator, but encountered some glitches.

    The escalator, located at the Salemba Carolus bus stop in Jalan Salemba Raya, Central Jakarta, was built by The Capitol Group to replace the stairs.

    It's located only on one side of the bus stop, where a condominium owned by The Capital Group stands.

    [It's] one example of public transportation infrastructure development in Jakarta, Udar Pristono, head of Jakarta transportation agency, said at the launch.

    He added that the government hoped such developments would encourage Jakarta's residents to use public transportation.

    After the launch, the governor tried to go up the escalator. But it stopped midway, forcing Joko to continue his way up manually.

    After five minutes on the overpass, Joko used the stairs to go down because the escalator was still not functioning.

    Jokowi Launches Jakarta's First Pedestrian Bridge With Escalator | The Jakarta Globe

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    They've just put escalators in some hilltop temple here. Wonder how long they'll last.

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