Villagers say flood damaged roads still not repaired | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

Villagers seek urgent road repairs

PRACHIN BURI - Villagers in Khok Krathon of tambon Had Nang Kaew in Kabinburi district have asked provincial authorities to urgently repair roads damaged in the great flood of 2011, pointing out that several people have been injured falling into the holes.

They are complaining that the road in tambon Had Nang Kaew and Lad Takian was bumpy after the flood and until now there was no agencies step up to repair the road, according to a report in INN News.

They said one woman suffered a miscarriage after her motorcycle plunged into a large hole in a road.

The roads were also covered with red dust and students cycling to school get covered in it, in addition to having to dodge the potholes.

They asked that the road be repaired and properly maintained because they have to use them regularly. They also asked that lighting to be installed to improve safety for road users.

Bumpy road. INN News Photo.