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    Prachuap Kiri Khan: 'Grand gesture' to win back girlfriend

    Jilted lover hopes posters will win back ex-girlfriend | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

    'Grand gesture' to win back girlfriend
    A heart-broken man has put up several big posters and signs in Muang Hua Hin in Prachuap Kiri Khan province in a bid to woo back his girlfriend after she dumped him.

    Thienseng Methanoppakhun, 30, told reporters he hoped his "grand gesture" would convince Athicha Phosuwan, 25, to return to him. She broke off their relationship recently after a series of arguments over the past few months.

    The posters display the couple’s picture and underneath it the words: “For a second chance, for a better love and good things for our future”.

    “I’m just trying to prove my love for her,” Mr Thienseng said.

    “Apart from getting her to forgive me, this is also my way of proposing to her. I already have the ring,” he added.

    Mr Thienseng said he would continue to put up posters around the city and would not take them down until she forgives him.
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    16-02-2018 @ 05:16 AM
    It's an interesting quirk of nature how many otherwise intelligent and rational people often go off the deep end when a relationship fails. Sounds like he's in the bargaining stage of the 5 stages of grief. Next comes depression.

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    There a bit shit these Hua Hin News reports. Nowhere near as entertaining as Pattaya

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    So it's not a myth then. (that a lot of Asian men are stalkers)

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    At leasthe hasnt jumped off the balcony, maybe he cant afford a room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobR View Post

    It's an interesting quirk of nature how many otherwise intelligent and rational people often go off the deep end when a relationship fails.

    It always seems to be the Men who chuck a big sad when there bint fokes them off.

    Look at Pattaya where the stupid sick throttlers jump off a massive fok off condo after there short time runs away with another monger.

    Jeez, makes me spew these guys and I wish they would just harden the fuk up.

    Foking nancy boys they are. Pooves I reckon.

    Anyway, whatever EH.
    Stroller is a Yerman faggot.

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