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    Burnt foetus found in Samut Prakan

    Charred foetus found in Samut Prakan, Thailand | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

    Burnt foetus found in Samut Prakan

    A scorched human foetus was found in an empty lot in Samut Prakan's Muang district on Friday, police said.

    Police said the foetus still had its umbilical cord attached and blood smears on it.

    According to forensic experts, the foetus was a male of five to six months development. The body was not completely charred.

    Police assumed that the mother aborted the child and it was then set alight. The small corpse was taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for further examination.

    Thongsuk Vejabhumi, who lives in a nearby condominium, told investigators that she saw two men and a woman arrive on a motorcycle and set something on fire. They stood and watched the blaze for a while and then left, she said.

    Worried that the fire might spread to nearby buildings, Mrs Thongsuk and neighbours went to put out the fire, found the foetus and promptly contacted the authorities.

    Police said they will try to bring those responsible to justice.

    Photos at the link...wont post. Not nice at all. You have been warned!

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    Desperate people may be was still born and didnt know what to do afraid of the Law.

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    still born or unwanted, forced miscarriage, botched abortion or whatever this is an act of desperation due to the inability of the poor to access proper abortions

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