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    Bangkok: Policeman kills self at petrol station

    Policeman kills self at petrol station | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

    Policeman kills self at petrol station

    A deputy inspector committed suicide at a petrol station in Nong Chok district of Bangkok on Friday afternoon but the reason is still unclear.

    Pol Capt Teerayut Kotchakong, dressed in full uniform, was seen walking back and forth with a concerned look on his face after he parked his car, said a station employee.

    The employee told the police that the man suddenly walked to his car and shot himself in the head with a pistol at around 1pm, two hours after he arrived at the station.

    Pol Capt Teerayut had recently been promoted to deputy inspector (traffic) at the Rom Klao police station and appeared to have been happy at work, said his commanding officer, Pol Col Pantana Nutchanarot.

    He was also working as a land broker and appeared to have no problem with that job either, said Pol Col Pantana.

    Investigating officers have questioned the officer's wife and elder brother and are speculating that his decision to take his life might relate more to his personal life than to work.

    ร[at]‡ สว.ˆร.รˆม€กล‰า ระ€šิ”สม[at]‡•ัว€[at]‡”ัš›ริศ™า | €”ลิ™ิวสŒ

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    Too sad, when you think that another day or so might have seen him through his troubles.
    Either way, he'd be dead sooner or later anyway, why hasten the process.

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    A pity indeed.

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