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    5 arson attacks in Nakhon Phanom

    5 arson attacks in Nakhon Phanom | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

    5 arson attacks in Nakhon Phanom

    Police are investigating five arson attacks which occurred in Muang district of Nakhon Phanom province between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

    The first case of arson took place at about 11pm when tyres were set on fire at a spot near Car Max Yang Yont tyre shop on Fuang Nakhon road in Muang district.

    Fire fighters were able to put out the blaze soon after arriving at the scene. Ten used tyres were burnt.

    The second arson attack occurred at about 1am when a fire broke out at a warehouse housing construction materials on Fuang Nakhon road. The warehouse belongs to Somchart Thamphokin, a construction contractor.

    The fire was put out by firefighters after causing about 100,000 baht of damage.

    In the third attack, which occurred at 3.20am, an Isuzu pick-up truck owned by Somkiat Chotiwuthidecha, a member of the municipality council, was set on fire behind his house on Phan Samakkhi road. The vehicle's engine was damaged.

    The fourth attack took place at about 4am when a six-wheeled oil truck, parked at a Caltex petrol station on Nittayo road in Muang district, was torched. The vehicle was partly damaged before the fire was put out.

    At 5am a fire broke out inside a building under construction at the Rubber Welfare Centre at Ban Phu Khao Thong on Nittayo road in Muang district. Firefighters put out the fire after it caused some damage to construction materials.

    Pol Col Somnuek Mikhawan, Muang district police chief, said police were investigating the arson attacks.

    It was still not known whether the attacks at the five different spots were related to one another.


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