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B100 million of heroin seized

Police have arrested four Hmong tribesmen in Tak on charges of trafficking 11 kilogrammes of heroin worth almost 100 million baht, while police in Nakhon Phanom arrested a man for possesion of 200kgs of marijuana worth at least five million baht.

In Tak, police arrested Veera Archiwaprueksakit, 27, Gi Sae-Ma, 29, and two youths aged 19 and 14 who were transporting 30 blocks of heroin from the northern region into Bangkok

Police said on Friday they had followed Mr Veera and the 14-year-old to a petrol station. The two realised that police were tailing them and fled, but were later caught with the drugs in their possession.

Police inquiries led to the arrest of Mr Gi and the 19-year-old.

The suspects allegedly confessed they were paid 400,000-500,000 baht to deliver the drug shipment to clients in Bangkok.

In Nakhon Phanom, police arrested Gatuan Srimuntri, 43, after finding 201 slabs of compressed marijuana worth at least five million baht hidden in a haystacks. Police searched Mr Gatuan's property acting on information he was dealing drugs.

Mr Gatuan told police he found the merchandise on another farm with the owner nowhere to be found. He hid the stash thinking he would sell it in the future, but was arrested before that could happen.

Police did not believe in his account and will make further inquiries.

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