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    Jomtien Russian Chef Found Dead At Home

    Jomtien Russian Chef Found Dead At Home

    A 33-year-old chef was found dead in his home of unknown causes. Police found no signs of violence, and the manís two dogs were sitting by his nude body. A co-worker who arrived at the house for a party discovered the victim.

    PATTAYA Ė September 24, 2012 [PDN]; at 1 p.m., a report of a foreigner who died of unknown causes was received by Pol. Lt. Col. Thanadech Duangtapiyachai, investigation officer, Banglamung police station (Nong Preu branch) Chonburi province. He rushed to the scene with the rescue officers of Sawangboribul Pattaya foundation.

    The manís house was at 15/89 Chokchai village 5, Soi Khao Noi, Moo 11 Tambon Nong Preu, Amphur Banglamung. Police arrived at the single-story home, where they located the naked body of the foreigner in the bedroom.

    The man was identified as Mr. Denis Marinetc, age 33, nationality Russian. He was lying on the floor beside the bed. The corpse already started decomposing and gave off a bad smell. Police estimated the time of death as less than 24 hours.

    Nearby the body was a pillow with a bloodstain, but police found no evidence of a fight or struggle. Also sitting next to the body was a dog and its pup.

    Police questioned the man who discovered the body, Mr. Saran Thamthong age 26, a co-worker who had arrived at the house for a party. Mr. Saran told police that Mr. Denis worked as a chef at the Mari-Jari Sauna and Spa in Jomtien. He also told police that Mr. Denis was gay.

    Mr. Saran said he works as a waiter at Mari-Jari Sauna and Spa. However, he said that Mr. Denis had called in sick that weekend and had not worked since Saturday. Since the spa is closed on Mondays, Mr. Denis invited Mr. Saran to join a party in the evening at his house.

    On Monday, Mr. Saran came to Mr. Denisís house for the party. He was the first to arrive, so he shouted for Mr. Denis from the front door of the house. Mr. Denisís motorbike was parked in front of the house, and he noticed that the front door was open. So Mr. Saran thought that Mr. Denis must surely be in the house, and called out again. But no one answered.

    So Mr. Saran entered the house, but noticed a bad smell all over the house. Then he went into the bedroom, and saw the body of Mr. Denis beside the bed with his two dogs sitting beside him, so he called the police.

    Police questioned the neighbors of Mr. Denis. The neighbors said Mr. Denis lived alone, but in the past two days, they saw the front door to the house was open and the motorbike was parked as usual. So they didnít get interested because everything was as usual, until police told them he had died.

    Police initially assumed that Mr. Denis may have died from a congenital disease, or possibly an accident like an electrocution. However, an autopsy will be performed on the body to find the exact cause of death.

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    Rest in Peace, that's too young to die.

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