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    Two Russianís shaken by armed necklace snatch in North Pattaya

    Two Russianís shaken by armed necklace snatch in North Pattaya | Pattaya One - Pattaya News, Thailand News, World News, updated 24 hours a day

    Two Russianís shaken by armed necklace snatch in North Pattaya

    23rd April 2012

    Two Russian Tourists were involved in a necklace snatch in the Naklua area late on Sunday Night.

    Police were called to Soi 12 off the Naklua Road where they were met by the two stunned Russian tourists and a motorbike taxi driver who had been hired to take them to their Hotel only meters away from the incident.

    Khun Shutiwat aged 16 revealed how he attempted to capture the necklace thief but was prevented from doing so after he produced a gun and shot twice in his direction to prevent the taxi driver from following him any further.

    Two vital pieces of evidence were left at the scene after the suspects motorbike and the motorbike taxi collided during the snatch.

    The license plate and mobile phone of the suspect was taken into evidence and is expected to lead to an arrest shortly, according to Police who continue to hunt-down the armed assailant.

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    I guess they will catch up with him soon.

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