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    This might be difficult.

    Real experts needed.

    Half way through my girl applying for a UK visa, result in about 10 days, we think.

    The lady / old family friend, who lives in my Florida house, has passed away ( 81 ).

    I / we, desperately need to go over there quickly , me from the Uk, g/f from Thailand, to sort out funeral, house, etc.

    This cannot wait, we need visas in less than 2 weeks.

    Mine is not a problem, but can my g/f in Thailand, get a compassionate visa from the USA embassy in Bangkok ??

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    ring them 02 205 4000

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    Not an expert and can't speak for the US, only UK though they're likely similar.

    From your brief post I think there are two parts to address, the emergency and what happens next.

    Never expect them to take your word for anything, so provide conclusive proof of your urgency and ime if they feel the situation fits their exceptional needs guidelines they can get into gear pretty smartish. For example, is this her first visa application, has she travelled much or first time away from the village, what work, how long together, does she speak English, then the serious stuff like why do you need her there immediately, are you able to make the funeral and other arrangements without her and if so why not...? For starters.

    Even so, it is important that they feel confident the applicant will return home after the emergency, so provide evidence also of her anchor to Thailand in regard to family, finances, domestic, work related and other commitments.

    Good luck.

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    As I understand it, the US doesn't have quite the biro up its arse that the UK does on these things.

    Her being in Thailand and you being in the UK may be problematic, though.

    In fact it's not clear to me why she needs to travel to Florida at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyrille View Post
    In fact it's not clear to me why she needs to travel to Florida at all.
    That is the key. His tenant died. Great old friend or not that is not a compelling reason to issue an express visa to a woman who has no relationship to the deceased at all. In fact is only a girl friend of the deceased's landlord. I dont get the whole thing... More information is needed..

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    ^ + 1

    The immediate issue I see is that there is no compelling reason for your Thai GF to attend apart from being your company (as the Thai say).

    Good luck with it.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but, frankly, forget about it. Highly doubtful you can pull it off.

    Unless your GF is rich, has a large sum of money tied up in Thailand, the Embassy Official will not issue her a visa under the described circumstances.

    The drill, fill out the DS-160 bio info sheets - a ton of info requested. Complete the form on line then a get a receipt number with instructions on how to pay the non-refundable application fee somewhere around THB 5k. After you pay you'll get a receipt number. After you get the receipt number you can make an appointment - it'll take a couple of weeks for an appointment. There is an expedited method but I've never used it.

    She will attend the appointment alone - you cannot accompany her into the embassy.

    She'll be asking for a B1/B2 visa and it is highly likely that she'll be refused. The Embassy Officer (only one) will interview her and unless she can convince them that she will return to Thailand - and really, how can you "prove" that, they'll refuse her visa, and, keep the fee of course.

    I could be wrong - be wrong many times in my life, but, you are presented with long-shot odds.

    You may want to call a few of there "immigration lawyers" but, I'm not recommending it, probably a money losing proposition.

    Anyway, check out the US Embassy website, the info is there.

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