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    Tod is just indicating the difference in terminology used, birding (Visa v. Permission of stay). He's saying your 'permisson to stay' was transferred but not the "visa", even though your permission to stay is likely based on your original visa.

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    I think we need a refresher course on what a VISA is and what an extension of stay is.

    This is a yearly extension of stay (NOT a visa) based on being over 50 (retirement) issued from the Khon Kaen Immigration office on Sept 13 2016 and good until Oct 8 2017.
    Notice how it says "extension of stay"?

    This CAN be transferred to a new passport without a problem AND if the holder has a re-entry permit it can also be transferred to a new passport

    This is a year-long, multi-entry Non-Immigrant Type O visa issued based on marriage from the thai consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. It was issued on July 3, 2017 and is good until July 2, 2018

    This CANNOT be transferred to a new passport and the holder would need to travel with BOTH passports when they exit/re-enter the country for the validity of the visa (in this case July 2, 2018). They will be stamped in and out on the new passport but the visa is still in the old one..

    You guys can fool me about a lot of shit here in the glorious "Land 'O Thaiz" but it's really really hard to fool me about visas and extensions for thailand.
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