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    Land crossing from Thailand to myanmar

    What's the nearest border crossing from banggkok for a 30 day visa?

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    Go Kanchanaburi then Phu nam ron

    Nicked this off tv, theres a blog at the bottom

    Trip report from Phu Nam Ron, closest border to Bangkok for Visa extensions being only 200km via Kanchanaburi.

    I left Bangkok in the morning taking the shuttle from Victory Monument which leaves throughout the day at 20-40 minute intervals. The minibus cost $110 Bhat, but equally I could have bused or took the train. The mini van dropped me at the Kanchanaburi bus station.

    From there we then caught the 11:30am (also 10:30 & 12:30) bus from Kanchanaburi to Phu Nam Ron, note this is the blue bus which costs 70 Bhat, not the red one which goes to a similar named town. The bus arrived a little after 1pm. For those driving you need to take the AH 123 / 3512 which is a new road all the way. In Phu Nam Ron there is a cosy café right next to the immigration office which does good coffee and lunches.

    The Thai immigration is small but well setup and to stamp and process, being a new border gate the crowds are still minimal. You travel into Myanmar at which point the Visa runner’s return to Thailand. While we got our Myanmar Visa’s stamped by Myanmar immigration and continued through to Dawei and Maung Ma Kan Beach approximately 150km on the Myanmar side of the border. Amazing place much more like Thailand’s beaches 20 odd years ago.

    The full blog and info on the Myanmar side can be found on my blog Phu Nam Ron Border Crossing Blog | Southern Myanmar

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