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    Quote Originally Posted by beerlaodrinker View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by toddaniels View Post
    A 6 month METV <- multi-entry tourist visa can only be gotten from a thai consulate in the country your passport is from or from one where you hold legal residence.
    You are usually spot on with your advice Todd. But in this case you are wrong. I was issued a 6 month METV at the thai consulate in vientiane.

    The requirement is that I hold a Lao work visa . Which I do. And that I show proof of 200000 baht in the bank. Which I did. There's a notice on the wall at the consulate informing you that the METV is not available if you are not living in Laos to work
    I did highlight the part where I said or from one where you hold legal residence.

    Perhaps I should have type they can't be had from a Thai consulate in S/E Asia by someone who doesn't work legally and reside in the country they're applying.

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    Cheers Todd. Yes indeed the "legal residence bit confused me somewhat. Crack on.

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