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    Malaysian Border Runs

    If you're in the south and need to make a 30-day run to the Malaysian border, it's quite easy.

    In Hat Yai, there is a large market/bus stop/song-taew stop on Petkasem Road about a 1/2 km from the downtown area. Underneath the pedestrian bridge that crosses the road there is a sign that says "Border".

    A run to the border on a mini-van is 50 baht. This is a death-defying run.

    Once you reach the border town of Sadao, you can hire a motorcycle taxi to take you through the border gates. This cost 100 baht and is quite efficient.

    When you return from your run, stroll of the left-hand side of the street to the 7-11. In front of it will be someone to take your 50 baht and put you on a mini-van back to Hat Yai.

    Easy peasy.

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    there is a very good duty free shop there as well, good range of toys, cosmetics, booze and groceries etc....I always got 3-4 blocks of cadbury king size chocy... stuff you can only find back home.

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