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    Just got back from visa run in Phnom Penh

    Went in to the Thai consulate on Monday for a single entry tourist visa . The person at the counter asked for a return ticket and would not accept the reservation for my return to Canada ( I carry a Canadian passport) that I showed him on my iPhone. Went back Tuesday with a paper copy of same and paid 40$. I was told to pick up the visa on Friday. Went on Friday and retrieved passport and visa. The visa was stamped as being emitted on Tuesday. I think they give you a hard time as an "incentive" to use agents who seems to run the place.

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    Thanks for the report.
    Do you happen to have any current info as to whether double entry tourist visas are available in PP at the moment?
    Regarding the use of agents : I'd rather spend $15 on an agent than having to deal with the staff at the Thai embassy.

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