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    Student spends semester in Thailand

    David Munoz, a senior business management major, had contemplated studying abroad since the fall of 2007.

    "I didn't know exactly what I would be getting myself into," Munoz said. "I didn't know what to expect."

    He said he made up his mind and eventually applied to study abroad for the 2008 fall semester in Bangkok. It was an experience he said he would never forget.

    He said his initial apprehensions were financing the trip and whether or not he would be able to get the classes he needed, so he decided to attend an informational meeting held by the Study Abroad office to find out everything he needed to know.

    "Everything I heard, I really liked. Everything I saw, I really liked," Munoz said.

    As far as financing the trip, he said he found out that his tuition would be the same for Thailand as it was at SJSU.

    Along with Bangkok, Munoz's other destination picks included Australia and Hong Kong. After receiving more information about Thailand, Munoz said the question wasn't "Why Thailand?" but more "Why not?"

    While studying abroad is an opportunity for any major, Munoz said business majors have the most opportunities to go to any place.

    "Business is so broad, and it's global," he said. "More than nursing, for example. Some places you can't do nursing and some places you can't do engineering. But, I think there's something out there for just about everybody."

    Munoz departed to Bangkok in August 2008 and returned in December.

    To prepare for his trip, Munoz had to complete an application for SJSU, obtain his visa, get any shots or medications needed for international travel, make housing arrangements and pay for his flight upon learning of his acceptance to the program.

    He attended Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, and credits the university for being accommodating and providing him with all the classes that he needed.

    Phetphring Chokohoaroj, Panitsorn Tongtaveepat and Supanan Kaewmoracharoen, Thai students who attended Chulalongkorn University with Munoz and are currently exchange students at SJSU, said that SJSU has not been very helpful to them.

    Student spends semester in Thailand - News

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    And? The point being ...?

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    Thai educational organisation welcomes Whitey so he can be on their posters, banners and pamplets. 'Whiteboy chooses to study with us rather than in America' blazed across them. The professors can show him off and gain 'face', and they can brainwash him into believing how great their country/race is via wining and dining him for 6 months made possible from diverting funds from their school's resources.

    Then on the flipside, a US educational organisation couldn't give a fuck about a couple of lesser educated chimps coming to work in burgerland for 6 months.

    I knew a M5 student from Europe who came here for one year to study in a Thai highschool... same year (M5), and said that they were studying what he had covered two years previously as an M3 student in Europe.
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