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    Thai Teacher Uses Social Media To Shame Students Into Better Behaviour

    Thai social media was alive with positive comment and laughter as a Korat teacher decided on a modern version of shaming naughty students into better behaviour.
    The teacher had two M3 (Year 10 in the British system) students stand in a small square and hug each other – then peck each other on the cheek.
    And the unusual punishment for the teenage boys seems to have done the trick as the boys’ behaviour appears to have improved.
    Tha Sala Prasit Suksa assistant director Songserm Tengaksorn told the Thai news media that the boys were misbehaving during last Thursday’s “Teachers’ Day” celebrations.
    Teachers’ Day is observed in almost every school in Thailand and is a solemn occasion when children are supposed to be on their best behavior as they pay respects to their school mistresses and masters.
    It was likely that all their friends saw their humiliation – the story was shared 19,000 times and viewed by a staggering 2.5 million Thais.
    Most of those thought it was funny and a good idea to get children to behave.
    Interesting story as it raises some very poignant questions.
    Children are constantly being told that it is wrong to use social media to hurt or humiliate others. So is it right for a responsible teacher to do exactly that, for whatever reason ?
    Would guidelines have to be drawn up to allow other teachers to use social media for discipline issues? My own personal view is that the teacher is treading on dangerous ground and appears to have “got away with this one!”
    It would be almost impossible to set out regulations for teachers to use social media to solve discipline issues as it is simply too vast an area to do so.
    It reminds me of my later teaching days when we were asked to fill out risk assessment forms for contact sports such as football and rugby ! Impossible to cover every eventuality.
    Perhaps it is better that teachers stay away from social media regarding pupils.

    Thai Teacher Uses Social Media To Shame Students Into Better Behaviour - Buriram Times

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    Did this teacher just use an alternative to corporal punishment, or did he deliberately use social media as a means to encourage better behavior.
    Is corporal punishment better than serving up the admonition of ones peers.
    The story intimates that social media was the teaches aim all along but this is unclear just reading the news report.
    The social media angle seems more likely to be an unforeseen consequence of some lateral thinking by the teacher, making the headline slightly misleading.
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    in t' naughty lass
    That's a risky strategy... could backfire in so many ways...

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