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Thread: Life after TEFL

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    Life after TEFL
    Schools out for a short break here so I'm in the office prepping and reading articles for next term. Came across this one last night:

    "Sooner or later, no matter where you are on the Tefl map of the world, the thought 'maybe it's time to go back' is likely to cross your mind. For some, it's a momentary lapse and the idea of trading a pad Thai for a daily appointment with an overcast sky and cup of PG Tips doesn't seem appealing. But for others, be it after one year or several decades, the times comes when it seems right to book that one-way ticket back to the United Kingdom."

    I like the article, it doesn't lambaste the idea of make it a long term job but gives several pointers to those who are thinking of going 'home'.

    Would I go back to Blighty?
    Well, after 8 years overseas I don't want to and would also be more than a little concerned about transitioning. Salaries in Myanmar are generous for the workload and you can save up cash fast due to the cost of living and the fact that there really is little to do around town-perhaps a different story in Yangon, though. I have an M.Ed- could teach in private schools and academies back in the UK-nah. Once tax and cost of living is taken into account life is much sweeter here. Upping qualifications as the article suggests is the best advice on it IMO.

    Huge factor, for me at least is that I enjoy most aspects of the job- so why leave for a life of uncertainty in grey and gloomy England?

    Expanding on the points of the job I rather enjoy

    No day is the same- great for me as I get bored easily
    I like seeing students progress and grow- best part of the job for me
    Much less paperwork than UK schools or Thailand for that matter.
    Friendly coworkers- compared to Thailand the level of English is like night and day 95% of the time.

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    At the risk of talking about Myanmar with rose tinted glasses there are some announces- although if one considers the abject poverty around the place they seem like petty and rather insignificant grumbles/

    1. The Rain: You think BKK floods bad? Come to Mandalay where you'll be knee deep in open drain water when it rains. Gloomy weather makes me depressed in any country, all ways has done.

    2. While Myanmar could hardly be called a hardship posting these days is can be a very lonely and isolating place at times. Nightlife is limited to beer stations and that gets old in a few months. If you're a Seventh Day Adventist though expect a jam packed social/ indoctrinating calendar.

    3. Food-Thai food is just cleaner, tastier and a lot healthier due to the amount of oil used in Myanmar food. That said, Shan food is knock out good.

    That's all I can really think of. Seems rather shallow...

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    Starts as
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    oh Duncan Do Nutz ..the humanity

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    I've been to Myanmar & Thailand recently, and found that ordinary people in Myanmar spoke English better than Thais. They had better pronunciation, command of words, etc. I'm talking of taxi drivers, visa touts and hotel staff. I know it's just a small sample of society, but I talked to similar people in the Thai part of my trip, so I think it's a fair comparison.

    Re: food, I couldn't bear to eat street food in Myanmar, as the prep methods were dubious. I saw some folks serving noodles (cooked) with their bare hands! That put me off. However, the stuff they served in restos for breakfast was alright.

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