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    Quote Originally Posted by fortesquesmythebrown View Post

    The sad part is that those decent teachers who are here are judged by the yardstick of the Kevin character.
    Whoever you're referring to as judging the teacher's by Kevin's example need to step back and look at the full picture.

    I'd say the true yardstick is the Thai education system not the nutters they employ.
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    I only worked in Bangkok for around 15 months but during the year I spent working at a girls school near the KSR we had almost 50 teachers pass through the doors due to the moron in charge hiring people who were unable to provide documentation and also hiring our fair share of lunatics.

    One of the teachers who we will call FU, he had a rather unhealthy obsession with spending time with 14 year old female students outside of school hours. He also advertised on some couch surfing website but he didn't actually have a couch for anyone to sleep on. He would get random women back to his place and break the news to them where they had the choice to share his bed or leave. Cool guy. When a photo of him and one of his victims was used as a screensaver on a shared computer in the staff room he lost his shit and attempted to get everyone sacked...for using a photo taken from social media as a screensaver. He wasn't very successful. He was known around the faculty as the couch rapist. Hi U Fuck!! Last seen in On Nut. Turkey do supply some amazing teachers.

    Then we have William. William was a man on the edge. William told everyone he was a real teacher with qualifications and everything. He was from Alabama and loved people of color. This love was only magnified when his Thai wife left him for a Nigerian and took their chicken based food business with her. William wasn't a happy man and apparently assaulted a number of female students before being asked to leave before the police became involved. It turns out that perhaps William wasn't a real teacher but a man on the run from a meth production charge in the states. Off he went to China to teach adults for large amounts of cash but for some unexplained reason this didn't work out so he moved to Phnom Penh. William was found dead in the street a year later after being killed and his body hidden under a sheet.

    Coming up. Fantasy Jason and Sato Ben.

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