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    I'm weighing the cost/benefit of doing a PGCE program in Thailand or Malaysia this year.

    It would mean a significant raise at the international school where I work. Could cover the cost in about 2.5 years. Also, I'm American, married to a Thai civil servant and not planning on major career changes soon, and about 50% finished on an MBA program at a respected Thai university.

    Anyone have advice or experience related to the pros/cons? I would appreciate it.

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    Do you mean the British qualification PGCE? If so, I wasn't aware that this could be studied in Thailand, other than the Bangkok cohort for the PGCEi from Nottingham University, (which is almost all on-line study, with just a few days of initial study in Bangkok).

    Be aware that the PGCEi is not the same as a PGCE. It does not confer UK QTS (qualified teacher status). QTS requires working in a UK school for a specified length of time - might be difficult since you are not a UK/EU citizen).

    Having said that, many international schools (not tier 1) are happy to pay you a higher salary if you have a PGCEi.

    I got accepted last year to study the Nottingham PGCEi last year, but alas, did not have the funds to start the course. (It costs about $5,000).

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