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    25-10-2018 @ 11:50 PM

    teaching looks fun.....

    came across this, on it as good as it look`s?

    The life of a teacher in Thailand - YouTube

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    01-04-2019 @ 08:04 PM
    Teaching looks fun..... does skydiving but I'm fuked if I'm doing either.

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    Thailand beautiful, weather fantastic, Thai people smile- teachers no good. Pity only one rehearsed example of his work.

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    Good on him for putting it out there.

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    20-04-2019 @ 02:28 PM
    I thought that was absolutely brilliant.

    What a fantastic way to interact and integrate ones self into the country if one is a young genuine Qualified teacher.

    The way he made the clip was entertaining and show cased the upside of Teaching.

    I'm sure he recieves so much satisfaction from his job.

    Bloody well done.
    Stroller is a Yerman faggot.

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    19-04-2019 @ 06:47 AM
    Well, that was 4 minutes and 28 seconds of my life I'll never get back!!

    Not to be a nay-sayer, but;
    A person would hafta be "fresh off the boat" or be wearing some thick "rose colored glasses" to wanna teach at almost ANY government school in this country.

    He sounded about as "integrated" as any other foreigner here who doesn't appear to speak Thai. In fact he didn't speak a single word during the video! That means he's living in a bubble.. I'm not sayin' he's not having fun, but having fun and making a good living are 'whores from a different go-go bar', err I mean 'horses of a different color'.. (Sorry, sometimes I mix up my metaphors).

    Most, if not all schools have a "no-child-left behind" or a "no fail" policy; the classrooms are way over crowded (making teaching the students anything meaningful tough at best) and students are poorly controlled (if they're controlled at all).

    Factoring in that most school politics here are insanely back-biting and the salary is totally shite with little if any benefits; that makes it seem like not all that good of a job to have unless you've got few options.

    A lot of these foreign teachers are working sans work permit (even at well known government schools here). This leaves the foreigner with almost NO leverage or recourse in a dispute with the powerz-that-be if push comes to shove; no matter how trivial the incident.

    That's not to say that there aren't some students who want to really learn (what ever subject a foreigner is teaching), nor am I saying that all the classes foreigners teach are just a glorified dog-n-pony show.

    It is my personal experience that they (the students who really want to learn) are pretty darned thin on the ground here, and good teachers (as in really good qualified teachers) are few and far between.

    A foreigner could teach in Korea or Japan for three to four times the money you'd make teaching in Thailand. Sheesh, even Cambodia pays their foreign teachers more than Thailand does!

    Let's see where this country is in just under two years when ASEAN opens and this country is FLOODED with workers from Cambodia, Lao and Burma who all speak better english than the Thais do (or will in just under 2 years).

    That's when the rubber will hit the road.

    As I said, I hate to be a nay-sayer, but it is what it is...

    Sometimes the truth hurts, but that doesn't make it not the truth.
    It just makes you hurt when you hear it.
    "Whoever said `Money can`t buy you love or joy` obviously was not making enough money." <- quote by Gene $immon$ of the rock group KISS

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