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    My Filipina GF has ESL Certificate...

    she's looking for work, part-time or fulltime, teaching 5-15 year old Thais English in the Pattaya area. Any suggestions, leads or ideas?

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    Yep! - LEGWORK!

    The new school term is starting and she'd probably get a job in double-quick time just dressing up smartly and walking from school to school, smiling and presenting herself and leaving a copy of her credentials, phone number, etc.

    Note - sending emails or phoning schools is normally a waste of time.

    Be aware that most schools (even around Patts) don't appreciate visible tatts, smelly breath or heavily accented English - no offence to your gf. Being a Flip, she automatically comes under the "15K full time shit wage" that nearly all schools seem to want to pay.

    If she's smart, then she should take along a Thai (girl) to do any necessary translating at the interviews - and remember to get a WRITTEN CONTRACT from the chosen school. She's fucked if there are any problems and doesn't have a proper contract (in Thai AND English).

    Good luck, mate -and as long as she keeps her wits about her, then she should have a good chance of getting a job - unless she looks like Mrs. Frankenstein, of course......
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