I have a question for those of you who teach or have taught in public high schools:

Besides the M3 and M6 students, for which it is mandatory, do students in the other grade levels at your school take the ONET (for practice)? How many of them? All, or select focus groups to sort of beta test it? Is it mandatory that selected students take practice tests or voluntary? What kind of participation and feedback do you typically see?

Over the last 3+ years, I've worked at two large public high schools, one in Rayong and the other in Chiang Rai. At my previous school, students at every grade level took the tests every year. I suppose they benefitted from familiarity with the format but most didn't take it very seriously. In my current school, only select students in certain grade levels and programs (such as EP or Science & Math) take the practice tests, and students can opt out with a parent's permission.

What's the situation where you are?

In general, I'm looking into ways to help the students take the tests more seriously, prepare for them and perform to higher standards.

I think my colleagues and I have some good strategies in place to seek improvement, but I'm very interested to know the test-taking expectations of students in different areas.

Thanks for any input!