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Thread: work permit

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    in the sticks

    work permit

    fellas give some info please


    local gov school wants me to teach/speak English to the kids,
    job tittle is not teacher but something like a special lecturer

    anyway i have the right visa but not degree available,

    school has given me a contract all sign and stamped and tells me to go to Bangkok tells me to take the contract to labor office in Bangkok then they will give me some other paper there then return to the sticks and take that plus the WP1 to a local labor office.
    will also get a letter from school director saying that he wants me in the school.

    what should i expect?
    Sorry about me horrible speling

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    Tell them it's their job to organise the WP, provide an interpreter, and pay all expenses.
    This should be written into your contract.

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    Work permit would normally be the responsibility of the school. It is a good idea to let them to sort it out.

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