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    Quote Originally Posted by Neverna View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pseudolus View Post
    For local hire though - OObie is Thai? well, 30-40k with no benefits one would assume
    An Aussie apparently.

    Ask for 5% more than you are currently getting from your current (or last) employer. And ask at the interview about education at the school for your two children.
    15% , an accept 10%. Ask for 5%, get 3%.

    Aussie indeed.... and a god bothered as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pseudolus
    60-75k THB (1200-1500) fresh off the plane (plus benefits).
    it's peanuts to begin but if you stick it out for a few years you'll get up to a decent salary.

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    Indeed some schools offer a good wage. I never met those schools. What I have seen is 35.000 baht for every working month. Contract usually only for a year. If they can find a Filipino for less, they kick you out.

    My friend has a neighbor in his flat, he claims to have 100k/month. But, he was an USA teacher already and many other diplomas he has.

    For an TEFL teacher you never be that lucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratchaburi View Post
    I was talking to a tefler today & he was happy 30K per month.
    I was talking to one who gets 150k- 200k teaching and editing online in his underpants whenever he wants.

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    most of the estimates sounds very unrealistic

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