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    Calm down. This is how Rudy Giuliani makes money. Been doing it for years. He is just Trump’s personal lawyer now. (And a demented old fool.)

    Rudy Giuliani, possible Cabinet choice, lists millions made giving private speeches


    The Iranian dissidents

    The speeches that have drawn the greatest scrutiny are those he gave from 2012 through last year at events organized by the Mujahedeen Khalq, a dissident group of Iranians that holds a rally in France every year to draw attention to the persecution of its members by the government of Iran.

    Giuliani was paid for “three or four” speeches he delivered to the group, said Robert Torricelli, a former senator from New Jersey who served as a lawyer for the MEK, as the group is known, as it sought to be removed from a State Department list of terrorist organizations.

    Giuliani, after receiving payments from U.S.-based groups of Iranian immigrants who had ties to the MEK, gave rousing speeches at these annual rallies condemning Iranian leaders and the Obama administration for negotiating with them.

    “The ayatollah must go,” Giuliani yelled, referring to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, as thousands stood and cheered him.

    “Gone, out, no more,” he said, adding that Khamenei and other leaders of Iran should “be put on trial for crimes against humanity for the thousands and hundreds of thousands of people that they have killed.”

    Paul S. Ryan, a vice president for policy and litigation at Common Cause, a nonprofit group that examines special-interest influence in politics, said there would be no legal prohibition on Giuliani moving from being paid by the group to a government job. But he still found it troubling.

    “People would reasonably question his fitness for this political appointment given that he received payments from supporters of this organization, and these are matters he would be charged with dealing with as secretary of state,” he said.

    Torricelli said that Giuliani had agreed to give the paid speeches because he supported the group’s message, and that he had volunteered his time to participate in negotiations in Europe to help prevent further attacks on refugees from the group who were then living in Iraq.

    Giuliani’s work earned him a spot on several lists of the highest-paid speakers in the world, just one spot below Bill Clinton in one ranking.

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