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    sabaii sabaii

    Cha Am Rock Festival

    Been here a few days now, the place is heaving with Thais tonight for the annual Rock Fest on the beach.

    Met some great people this week( Scandinavians and Thai)

    i've been advised to stay away tonight, apparently it always ends up like a Western, 3 people got shot here last year.

    I've heard a few ambulances already and its only 9pm

    Curiosity is getting the better of me, I like a bit of Loso too, so frig it I'm goin

    It is on Bang TV (hmm), channel 36 here

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    Hmmm no recent updates. Better check the injury list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazzy View Post
    Hmmm no recent updates. Better check the injury list.
    Theres a small update on the Hua Hin forum

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