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    Krabi - Diving, Rock Climbing, Spas, Canoeing, Kayaking, Natural Spring Pools

    Diving, Rock Climbing, Spas, Canoeing, Kayaking, Natural Spring Pools - All at Krabi



    "What is there in
    Krabi to do?" There is a crazy lot of adventures and fun that Krabi offers travellers of all ages. Krabi in Thailand has much more to offer to visitors than any other place in the Kingdom, and one might even add, than in most places in South East Asia. With a good combination of adventure, relaxing, shopping and food, you will not find yourself lacking great activities. Plus, the newly built Krabi International Airport is wonderfully clean and efficient. Read on to find out more about just a few of the many things that Krabi offers the traveller.

    Scuba diving - Undoubtedly Krabi is the gateway to the Andaman Sea of Thailand. From Krabi, you can launch off into the various dive locations : Phi Phi, Similans, Phuket, Hin Daeng & Hin Muang, Lanta. Apart from colour marine life, sightings of whale sharks, mantas, leopard sharks and sting rays, also expect to have some fun weaving through the caves and caverns which make Krabi and its surrounding areas such a great adventure. We have of course the full range of dive courses for you to choose from. Our experienced instructors have at least 7 years' each of diving instruction in many parts of the world. Simply book your dives and courses with us and we'll take care of the rest for you.

    Snorkeling - Untainted hard and soft corals are found just off the shorelines of Krabi, making it the perfect residence of marine fish life. Some of the best snorkelling in Thailand is found just off Krabi. At, we will take you to explore the crevices and caverns just off our shores, offering an exciting day out for all snorkellors!

    Rock climbing - Krabi is enveloped by many limestone and hard rock mountains, making its terrain ideal for both experienced rock-climbers and those who want to try out this sport. Afraid of heights? Don't worry, there are many levels of rocks and we can help you book your rock-climbing lessons with a reputable and reliable instructor.

    Sea Kayaking & Canoeing - Amidst the many rock islands that surround Krabi are many waterways which twine through water pools that are perfect for kayaking. Even those who have not tried it before will easily do so under the guidance of your experienced leader. Take half a day out and explore the ravines that surround the Krabi region. will help you arrange a great day out for you and your family and friends.

    Jungle Trekking - Krabi region is surrounded by fabulous mountains and hills that makes your holiday a complete adventure.

    Elephant Trekking - What a novelty! Imagine mounting one of these gentle giants, and let them take you on a hour-long trek through the jungles of Krabi.

    Emerald Pool & Crystal Pool - Believe it or not, there are some natural water pools filled with cool spring waters from the surrounding mountains tucked in the middle of the forests in Krabi. Take a tour with, and visit some of these natural spots and have a dip in the cool shallow water. Great especially for kids.

    Spas & Massage - You cannot visit Thailand without going for one of the local Thai massage. Choose between an oil massage and non-oil, and let the skilful hands of the experienced masseuse rub away all your aches and pains. Wonderful especially after a day of diving or trekking. Something that everyone gets pretty hooked on!

    Large variety of hotels and resorts - From budget to luxury, Krabi has it all. Coupled with the hospitable service of the friendly Thais, you can pick from a wide selection of resorts and hotels according to your requirement. is a privileged partner with many of the hotels and resorts to offer priority booking for rooms in high season (Nov to Apr) and preferential rates for our guests. Let us help you with your booking.

    Krabi has so much to offer the adventurous visitor. At, we believe in giving our guests a total experience of what Krabi can offer. If you are interested in any of these, simply drop us a request - and we are pleased to recommend to you some of the best Krabi has to offer. There is simply so much to do.

    Article Source: Diving, Rock Climbing, Spas, Canoeing, Kayaking, Natural Spring Pools - All at Krabi

    About the Author

    This article was contributed by one of the staff members at Scuba Diving in Thailand | Premier Diving Shop in Krabi, Thailand, the premier dive centre at Krabi Thailand. At our dive centre, all our instructors, guides and crew faithfully follow diving safety standards. We also conduct all levels of dive courses and have the philosophy of small-groups for instruction, to ensure our customers are given our full attention. To find out more, visit us at Scuba Diving in Thailand | Premier Diving Shop in Krabi, Thailand.

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    whats it like for poontang?

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    I went to Krabi for climbing and its so good. people who climb there is also very friendly.

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