Namtok Raman Forest Park

Phang Nga

Namtok Raman Forest Park (วนอุทยานน้ำตกรามัญ) is located in Tambon Krasom within the area of the Khao Ton Din National Forest Reserve, covering an area of approximately 125 rai. The Forest Park features a medium-sized waterfall with water running all year. The waterfall was named “Namtok Raman” after the fact that a number of Mon or Raman people fled the Burmese troops to settle on its topmost level during the so-called ‘Nine-army Battle’. Its headwater comprises mountain ranges covered with almost intact evergreen forests. The touristic area of the Forest Park features a medium-sized stream running from the watershed down to the valley. Various tiers of the waterfall result from the different elevations of the area that the stream flows by. There are also various species of fauna such as Sumatran serow, Malayan tapir – a reserved species of fauna, soft-shelled turtle, rasbora, soro brook carp, and tiger fish. The Forest Park also provides a nature trail.

In addition to Namtok Raman, there are many other tiers of the streams such as Ton Tai (โตนใต้) – the lowest tier otherwise known as Tin Lang, Ton Khon Pak (โตนขอนปัก) – a medium basin with a certain depth suitable for swimming, Ton Ai Chun (โตนไอ้จุ่น) – similar to the second one and suitable for swimming all year round, Ton Klang (โตนกลาง) – featuring quite a high and beautiful cascade suitable for bathing underneath the falling water, Ton Hin Rao (โตนหินราว) – a very deep basin, and Ton Sao Ngam (โตนสาวงาม) – the last beautiful tier.

Accommodation: There are no bungalows provided except for a camping site. However, visitors will have to bring their own tents, sleeping gear and camping equipment. The welfare shop is open during 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

To get there: By car, from Phang-nga, take Highway No. 4 (Phetchakasem Road) toward Tambon Krasom. It is approximately 11 kilometres from the provincial town with a left turn into the forest park. By bus, a bus is available for a chartered trip at the market in Amphoe Mueang Phang-nga.