Banito Beach Resort

Prachuap Khirikhan

283 Klang Ao Road,
Bang Saphan,
Prachuap Khirikhan.
Phone: 66(0) 3269-5282-3

Banito Beach Resort is situated on the fine white sand Ban-Krud beach, considered by some to be the most beautiful beach in Thailand. Ban-Krud beach offers a vast array of activities in its usually calm and safe waters. All 12 kilometers of the beach are free from undercurrents and so it is safe for children and adults alike.

The resort offers a peaceful heaven from the rat race and you can watch the world go by on the balcony of your room. Set in tropical Thai gardens, the resort offers a swimming pool, internet room, mini gym, and a fine restaurant specializing in fresh seafood at very reasonable prices.

At Banito Beach Resort, the sea is blue and cystal clear. The white beach line as 12 kilometers.
The sanded ridge lay down through the sea, 50 metres far from the shore. So, you can make sure for the safe swimming.
You will be attracted with diving for coral view over several island, visiting the waterfall and praying to sacred pagoda over Khao Thongchai.

Swimming Pool
Free form designed swimming pool with crystal clear blue water; 18 meters long and for low depth children pool. Pool water maintained with ozone cleaning system chlorine free.

Banito restaurant serves many variety of delicious food including seafood, Thai food, and international food. There are sea front pavilions to eat out.

Thai Massage
As you cool-off by the shade of beach front, let our experts give you Thai traditional massage.

Other Cool Things
- Mini gym
- Games & Playground
- Seminar room
- Seaside pavilion
- Rental bikes / Cars
- Beach Volleyball / Football
- Karaoke
- Internet Room

:: Khao Thong Chai :: (Thong Chai Mountain)

Khao Thong Chai is located between Sai Kaew beach and Ban Krud beach. From here, you can see the crescent-shaped beach linear long as 12 kilometers. Khao Thong Chai, home to the three holy spots, is regarded by the locals as a symbol of Prachuap Khirikhan province.

:: Phra Maha Chedi Pakdeeprakas :: (The nine-tiered top pagoda)

It has three levels of the square-shaped pagoda enshrining a relic of Buddha. The pagoda was built jointly by the people of Ban Krud and of other surrounding towns for the Golden Jubilee (50 years of reign) of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and the name Maha Chedi Pakdeeprakas was given by the King. This foundation is called Wiman Loi (the floating paradise).

:: Phra Buddha Kitti Sirichai :: (Luang Pho Yai)

A little lower from the Great Nine-spires pagoda, this image was constructed to present to Queen Sirikit for her sixtieth birthday. The seated Buddha Image title was conferred by the principal monk. Luang Pho Yai is an image made in Kantara style. It is a unique image in Thailand. The figure is 13.82 meters high with the lap being 10 meters wide and a base of 4.15 meters, made from brick and mortar covered with gold leaves.

:: Krom Luang Chumphorn :: Chumpon Khet Udomsak Residence

This building faces the sea and holds the statue of Kom Luang Chumpon. Many people come to pay their respects to him, particularly the people of Ban Krud, believing that he has protected them from natural disasters for many years.

:: Huay Yang Waterfall ::

The prominent point of National Park is Huay Yang Waterfall. It is a small waterfall that can be reached easily. Most tourists enjoy visiting the first five levels since each is picturesque and safe, especially for children. Total distances 900 meters in a dry virgin forest.

:: Koh Talu :: (Lumra Island)

30 minutes away from the resort, Koh Lumra, a small island near the shore, looking like a pile of rocks with a tiny beach . There is a superb shallow coral reef.

:: Sai Kaew Beach :: (Talu Island)

Koh Talu is the largest island in Prachuap Khirikhan. The reef in front of the beach is suited for skin diving. The island was named Koh Talu because of a large hole at the promontory, (Talu = a hole). At this corner the rock strand is a high cliff which surrounds you. The sea 18 meters deep, so it is tailor made for scuba diving.

A good season for traveling is February May.